Jesus Christ


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The clock tells me it is past time to go to bed; my brain tells me the clock is wrong. Before I make my third attempt to wander off to Dreamland, I thought I would share this newly-finished painting. It was a delight to create, and also a challenge. However, I am thrilled with the results. […]

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Joseph of Arimathaea was a wealthy and respected member of the leading council of the Jews. Like Nicodemus before him, he was afraid of the counsel, unwilling to publicly declare his discipleship. Most of us are not that different from Joseph. We know what we believe—but we haven’t quite come to the point where we […]

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Lamb Of God

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There is a long period in Jesus’ life—after he taught in the temple at age twelve and before he declared his ministry—that remains unknown. We can assume that as a Jew, Jesus would have taken part in the centuries-old Passover ritual. At twelve he would have been considered a member of the community and expected […]

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Without Purse Or Scrip

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Early in His ministry, the Savior called His disciples to go forth and preach his word. These were largely fishermen with little money. They must have worried how they would provide for themselves and their families as they left to go and preach. Calming their fears Jesus said, “Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass […]

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Come And See

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When I began this painting in April 2008, I paid little attention to the stock market or the world at large. Who could have imagined then that we would witness the implosion of the world’s economic systems, the collapse of century-old institutions, and the loss of millions of people’s life savings. It seemed everything we […]

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To Fulfill All Righteousness

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Christ was perfect and did not need baptism for forgiveness of sins. Yet, the Father commanded that all men must be baptized to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In perfect humility, Christ submitted to the will of the Father and was baptized. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am stubborn and I like […]

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Where Are The Nine

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I remember a time I worked on a school project for one of my children. At its conclusion they grabbed the project and ran from the house to catch the bus. There was no time for thanks, no time for gratitude. When Christ healed the ten lepers, only one came back to give thanks. He […]

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The Joy Of The Lord

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As a little girl I spent hours looking through our old family Bible. The pictures were dark and foreboding and I was sure the Lord was waiting for me to make a mistake so He could punish me. I think I am not alone in this. As I travel around I hear over and over […]

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Silent Night

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For the past year I have painted events from the last week of the Savior’s life. Paintings of the crucifixion, the scourging, and the betrayal took a toll on me and my soul longed for peace. For this reason, I decided to paint the Nativity – for what moment better depicts hope, promise, and peace? […]

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The Holy Men

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For two thousand years tradition has held that three wise men visited Christ at his birth. Yet we read in Matthew 2:11 that Christ was a “young child” rather than an infant. Because of what Herod learned from the wise men about the time of Christ’s birth, he killed all children two years and younger, […]

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