Jesus Christ as my Advocate

The clock tells me it is past time to go to bed; my brain tells me the clock is wrong. Before I make my third attempt to wander off to Dreamland, I thought I would share this newly-finished painting. It was a delight to create, and also a challenge. However, I am thrilled with the results. I hope you enjoy it too, and that it will speak to you as it speaks to me.

Artists are storytellers. I struggled long with this piece because I was trying to get the story exactly right. I don’t just sit down and paint a picture and hope it looks like Jesus. I don’t compile a composite of people’s opinions. This whole thing is about a relationship.

The basic thing about the relationships we make the effort to have is our struggle to really know the other person. “For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him… .” I think about this a lot. What will it be like for Him when He goes before the Father to present my case? What will the expression on his face be? What will He be thinking about? I think he holds a tender place in his heart for those who loved him and showed it by striving to serve him. Can you imagine a possible scenario where you are alone with the Savior and He looks at you and you are looking at Him? I would tell him about my family or something important in my life.

I feel helpless.
 I am small and insignificant, but it doesn’t matter:

He is my Advocate.

He gives me a feeling of hope.
 No one wants me to succeed or believes in me as much as he does.

He is my Advocate.

I tell him my troubles because He isn’t a stranger—He came to help.
 He is in my court, generously presenting my case because

He is my Advocate.

Even when I have done something wrong, he is there with me. 
He loves me and understands my desire; He helps me work within the rules.

He is my Advocate.

Something familiar comes into my mind, something forgotten I remember I once knew.
 As an artist, He speaks to me, with me, and sometimes through me.

He is my Advocate.

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