June 2013

Three Funerals and a Wedding

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Our yard is a very pleasant place to sit and talk. We have been asked frequently to use the yard to host this or that. It is a pain to get ready, but in truth, we love having the kind of yard where people enjoy getting together for special occasions in their lives. So, having […]

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Memorial to Sacrifice

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I spent some time on Memorial Day weekend reading the many posts acknowledging those who sacrificed all they had, their time, their families and all too often, their lives for this country. I wanted to post the same sentiments but found it difficult to put what I was feeling into words. Days have not changed […]

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The clock tells me it is past time to go to bed; my brain tells me the clock is wrong. Before I make my third attempt to wander off to Dreamland, I thought I would share this newly-finished painting. It was a delight to create, and also a challenge. However, I am thrilled with the results. […]

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