Being part of something when it begins is so rewarding

Liz Lemon Swindle signing at Women's Conference 2013

I have a problem, one I wrestle with every year about this time. I need to be in the studio painting and I need and want to be working in my yard. year I feel like I am running behind because I spent a week at BYU Women’s Conference which usually comes around mid-to-late April. This year it was in the middle of spring cleanup and planting and so I am feeling a bit anxious. I was at the nursery last week and it was so busy the check-out line was out the door. I realized I was way behind: my flower beds and pots aren’t on my to-do list for a few more days. I’m still on clean up! Okay, so it is not world peace, but it is an annual dilemma I vow to solve every year but never do.

Spring is one of the best times of the year for me. I love all seasons, but Spring and Autumn are my favorites. Being part of something when it begins is so rewarding. Watching the yard change daily is thrilling for me. There is also something special about putting the yard to bed for the winter. It is important to me to give great care to the plants and trees that have brought me such joy through the summer; I look forward to that as well.

Cat & Dog Gardening

Watson & Sassy Helping

This year I am going to compost and I am pretty excited about it. So those of you who have traveled this path, please share. I would appreciate any advice you have on the subject. I will keep you up on the day’s events if there is anything worthy of recording.

Let me jump back to the week I spent at Women’s Conference. This is an event we do every year in the Spring and we also spend a week in August at Education Week. I will be there signing nearly all day for three or four days. I dread this week because it gets a little uncomfortable with my RA, but that is only one part of the experience. What I love about these events is that I get to meet so many of you and hear your stories about these paintings. I have been blessed to be able to create but the real payback comes when I hear how they have impacted your lives. This is valuable to me and I think it may be valuable to you as well. I still wish I could thank Sean Hannity again for taking the time backstage at the KSL studios one day to stop and chat with me. I appreciate your need to express your feelings about something that affected your life.

Just as important for me, I always come away with a heart full of gratitude because I still wonder, “Why me?” I’m just a girl from a little town that dreamed of being a clothing designer, yet my life’s path has brought me to this place where I do important work painting my Savior. It is important to me and though my part is small, it is definitely important to building His kingdom. So I ask, “Why me?” I thank each of you for the part you play in my life. I cherish the experiences you are willing to share with me. Have a great day!


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