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Meeting Dorcas Mthalane at a Deseret Book signing.

One of the blessings of a signing is I get to meet the people that are interested in my art and who have been touched by it in some way.

I did a signing during General Conference in October. This was Ladies Night at the Deseret Book flagship store in downtown Salt Lake City. As often happens at Ladies Night events, the crowd was large and the lines were so long I couldn’t remember everyone I met. However, one lady came that made a very big impression on me. She was from South Africa and she was amazing! She was a leader—you could tell that from the moment she spoke. She was beautiful and the only word I can think of to describe her is ‘light’. Her countenance reflected everything noble and good. Without speaking, she carried the name of Christ in her being. It was a joy to meet her and she will remain in my thoughts forever. She was very much moved by the art. I was thrilled to know that the paintings Worth of a Soul and For All Mankind were having such a positive impact on the people of Africa.

I couldn’t be more grateful that I was able to have the total experience of this work. To imagine ‘it’, paint ‘it’ and see the effect of  ‘it’ on others is such a gift. You have the experience of imagining ‘it’, and painting ‘it’, but rarely do you get to meet the ones whose lives are being moved and changed for the better.

I have included a photo taken that night of her and a letter that followed a fews day later by a woman, Mary Jo, who was an instrument in the Lord’s hands in her service as a missionary in Africa. There she met Dorcas and brought her here to America, but most importantly to General Conference. There she was able to be near the prophet, a dream of hers. What a blessing it is to know people like Dorcas and Mary Jo, people of great faith. They enrich our lives and inspire us all to go forward and accomplish something good and be part of ‘good works’.

Dear Liz,

As you requested I am writing you with the information regarding the woman that was so excited to discover your work with the African people and meeting you at the Deseret Book last week.

Her name is Dorcas Mthalane and lives in the township of Esikhawini, South Africa. (About 1-1/2 hours up the coast from Durban). She is a wonderful, supportive “gogo” in the branch there and was so thrilled to be able to go to conference for the very first time. To be in the same room with the prophet was a dream come true for her. We met Dorcas while serving a mission as senior missionaries in her branch.

She was amazed when she saw your artwork focusing on the African People, and thrilled to meet you. Thank you for your interest in her. It made Dorcas feel so special.

Moving on…

My husband began a couple of months ago to oversee the social media part of our company and particularly the handling of my social media. It has become a full time job and there is really only one person I would trust to handle this, well, maybe my assistant JoAnn, but she is already carrying a very heavy work load, and that would be Jon, my husband. To those who are close, he is lovingly called ‘Bucky’ and that is how I will probably refer to him in my posts. I suspect that he may post from time to time, but he is well trained in giving me the last word. My personal Facebook page will continue, but this blog and my Artist Page on Facebook will allow a broader audience to see what is happening. Here we go!

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