May 2013

Often is Enough For Me

I hope all of you had a nice Memorial Day weekend; I certainly did. I spent it with family in Idaho and that often makes for a nice time. You will notice that I said ‘often’ and not ‘always’. I don’t know a single soul that gets along with family members one hundred percent of […]

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What Dad forgot to mention

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In the living room of my home growing up, there hung a large framed photograph of a country road in a canyon somewhere. My father loved that piece of art. It must have reminded him of a place he’d been or wanted to go. I remember him standing in front of it from time to […]

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Being part of something when it begins is so rewarding

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I have a problem, one I wrestle with every year about this time. I need to be in the studio painting and I need and want to be working in my yard. year I feel like I am running behind because I spent a week at BYU Women’s Conference which usually comes around mid-to-late April. […]

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Blogs and Blessings

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One of the blessings of a signing is I get to meet the people that are interested in my art and who have been touched by it in some way. I did a signing during General Conference in October. This was Ladies Night at the Deseret Book flagship store in downtown Salt Lake City. As […]

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Mother’s Day and Daughters

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Viewing Facebook last night it was clear that Mother’s Day was enjoyed by all (or nearly all). I look forward to the day when I will see my own mother again. I delight in the women that my sons have chosen to be the mothers of their children. I am delighted to see

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