Lord, I Believe

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“Lord, I Believe”

This painting has special meaning to me. My son was diagnosed with diabetes when he was seven years old. I have watched the disease ravage his body always knowing in the back of my mind that one day it would overtake him, I just didn’t know it would be so soon. When I heard that his eyesight was failing my heart sank. I pleaded with the Lord asking for more time. I wanted desperately for him to see his children grow up.

As I painted this piece I was reminded that although the Lord does not always give us the answers we beg for, He does give us the eyes to see. There are times it feels like He leaves us reaching in the darkness, not sure of the ending. Yet even in our spiritual blindness we feel His hands, holding on to us, healing us. And with new eyes we see Him more clearly and know that even though the miracles may not come as we expect, they will come.

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